Exploring Israel Part 2

Check out Part 2 of my trip to Israel in the Christian Today, August 9, 2010 Day two was Dead Sea day and Qumran. Only a 30 minute drive over the Mount of Olives and through the Judean desert, the traveller passes by the Inn of the Good Samaritan descending below sea level. Jericho, a […]

Exploring Israel Part 1

In June I was privileged to be able to go to Israel for the first time. My brother, brother-in-law and I accompanied my Dad to celebrate his 60th birthday. Following the trip I was asked by the editor of Christian Today whether I could write about my trip. Well, I have done my best. This […]

Why I love church

There is no other organisation as powerful as the church when it functions as the Bible says it should! UN, EU watch and learn. Top down doesn’t work. 400 Kids given a warm jacket for the winter…Read more

The Man Who Saved Colombia

  Bogotá Eight years ago, Latin America’s oldest democracy was on the brink. The outgoing president explains how he restored the peace to the WSJ. “In a little more than two months Colombian President Álvaro Uribe will return to civilian life after eight years in office…” I love this guy. He is not popular in […]