About Me

Born and bred in the UK, I have Welsh blood (quarter) and am married to an Afrikaner South African woman. We have four boys aged 12, 10, 8 and 6 and a cockapoo.

I studied Economics as an undergraduate and went to the London School of Economics to get a Masters degree in Environment and Development (before Bono and Al Gore were making the headlines). I then spent time living in Barcelona, trying to learn Spanish where everyone spoke Catalan. I have a Graduate Diploma in Law and was Called to the Bar by the Middle Temple in 2005.

Naturally, I then went to work for a church but am now an investment professional, seeking to be a disciple of Warren Buffett, enjoying the journey and making long term decisions which can compound over time. Tips? I couldn’t possibly say, but like affordable luxury British chocolate and fast British cars (over the long term of course).

I am involved in local politics, inspired to give a view of a normal person with kids.

As a former athlete, I rowed for the University of London and Great Britain at a junior level and at the Under 23 World Championships, before retiring in 1999. I was a lightweight (just) and liked my food too much. A crew mate from these days continued on and won gold in Beijing and silver in London (he was much better of course).

I now run a bit – after my boys and half marathons (London marathon in 2010).

I have travelled a decent amount and have friends in various corners of the world working for the UN, governments, churches, charities, banks and businesses.

Happy reading.

“Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.” -Chinese Proverb


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