Why I will Vote Leave…

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As requested by quite a few friends…

Firstly I believe it is only a Christian faith which can transform individual hearts and change societies and not politics or institutions. This is where the real work lies. The church is broken right now but has risen before…

The one reason I will vote Leave…Sovereignty. I simply believe that the House of Commons is where power should lie. Democracy is a precious gift. As a Christian I stand for freedom democracy openness and accountability.

Throughout history people thrive when free and accountable to each other.

My personal thoughts flowing from this principle above…

We are an island nation a geographical and providential fact which has helped protect our national and Christian identity and freedoms from a Catholic Spanish Armada and Nazi tyranny over the years. The EU is corrupt, anti democratic and unaccountable. And out of touch. (The rest of Europe have not been asked what they want on the whole).

I love Europe (have best friends in France, have lived in Spain, best friends from Poland here in the UK) and will still be a European just not a member of the European Union.

For those on the fence or wishing to ‘Remain’…are you sure you are happy with Fiscal and Political Union? Have you read the attached? It’s in black and white on page 5. The EU will not ‘Remain’ as is. We are not part of the Euro yet would be hand cuffing ourselves to a body intent on integrating further.

I fully accept the EU and Euro may be good for some nations. However we are not a country that was ‘third world’, lacked human rights or suffered under a dictatorship only a generation ago as some were.
Immigration has been a big issue and one the media has allowed extreme voices to be heard too often (they know it damages the Leave cause).
Immigration is great and has blessed our nation immensely and me! ;). The debate is about control. For example, why shouldn’t we prefer Commonwealth nationals over EU nationals to work in our services for instance?

Free Trade. Apparently we will suffer say the experts. They were wrong on the Euro (Gordon Brown also sold off UKs gold at record lows) and missed the big crash. Most of us would be embarrassed to offer an opinion if we were wrong on such a scale but not these people. The word to describe that is ‘arrogance.’ The EU is in decline as a % of world GDP. 1bn Asians will join the middle class over the next 20 years…we currently have to wait on 28 nations agreeing before we can have free trade with India or China.
Business. Big multinationals of course support Remain. They can lobby the unelected easily. Entrepreneurs and small businesses that make up most of the economy want to Leave bureaucracy.

Elitism. Vote Leave is a grassroots campaign. Remain is top down. Instinctively I go with grassroots (real people) on most issues.
Unelected bureaucrats. Are you happy that a former Luxembourg PM (population 500k) who arranged Google’s tax breaks is in charge of legislation with a staff of 23,000 for 500m people? Or that a former Italian communist is in charge of EU Foreign Policy (could explain why she was soft on Russia over Ukraine)? Of course a European army is on the cards. It is a key plank to any state as with monetary union.
Unaccountable. Do you know who your MEPs are? Did you vote in the last election? Can you name the 5 Presidents? (Try 3 at least).

Influence. Remainers argue we must stay to be salt and light. A noble idea however with 8-12% weight we always lose. Culturally politically and economically the rest of Europe have different ways of doing things (siesta anyone? 34 hour week?). How much power do the Lib Dems have in Parliament?

Project Fear. The PM has campaigned shamefully, sadly. More has been said to scare voters than inspire them by the greatness of the EU. The leadership vacuum is startling (on both sides by the way!).

Take a read…if you want Europe to make your laws then I respect your decision to vote Remain but be clear what you are voting for.
I will vote for Hope for the Future over fear every day.


First posted on Facebook, 21 June 2016.

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