Bank Holiday at the RAH

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Over the bank holiday weekend, The Royal Albert Hall was sold out for two whole days for the Leadership Conference 2014, hosted by the nation’s largest Anglican church, Holy Trinity Brompton or HTB. The overflow venue at HTB church was also filled to capacity. The event was streamed live online for those who couldn’t get a ticket or attend in person. The thing was, 50,000 people wanted to attend online, crashing the site.

Just weeks after 55 atheists wrote an ‘open letter’ to the Prime Minister, insisting that the UK is not a Christian country I couldn’t help wondering whether they would be able to organise an atheists leadership conference and fill the Royal Albert Hall for two days – one a public holiday? I am afraid to say my faith to believe in that failed me.

The Royal Albert Hall, a national icon, which is clearly not going anywhere, was ‘Erected For The Advancement Of The Arts And Sciences And Works Of Industry Of All Nations’  and is engraved all around, above the frieze, with the words, ‘Thine O Lord Is The Greatness And The Power And The Glory And The Victory And The Majesty For All That Is In The Heaven And In The Earth Is Thine. The Wise And Their Works Are In The Hand Of God. Glory Be To God On High And On Earth Peace.’

Notably, the founders clearly saw no contradiction between the advancement of science and God.

HTB expect LC15 to sell out on the first day of release. For a leadership conference. A Christian leadership conference. Hosted by an Anglican church. If you’re fortunate to get in there first, perhaps you would be so kind and donate a ticket to one of the 55 who might be interested in seeing what all the fuss was about.

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