Skyfall, Glencoe

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Wow. As the Scottish Highland scene began, I was glad I did not wait for the DVD before seeing the latest Bond movie. On an anniversary date, my wife and I decided right away that we would have to take our sons there. Breathtaking.

The National Trust for Scotland rightly expects visitor numbers to increase and even had their own staff re-create a scene from the movie.

The film crew themselves, no doubt used to filming exotic locations, were ‘blown-away’ by the scenery.

The property used is also spectacular. Dalness Lodge, Bond’s family home in the movie, was once owned by the family of Bond’s creator Ian Fleming. It could have been yours for £2.7m a few years back. I think its price has just gone up.

If you are interested in hunting (I am married to a South African…) then Scotland offers some amazing opportunities. One day.

This is cool, Google Maps of Skyfall locations. Zoom in! In another career I would happily be a location locator!

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