James Bond and Grace

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I attended the Annual Autumn Ball of the Windsor Conservative Association on Saturday 17th November. It is one of the highlights for the local association and is attended by the MP for Windsor, Adam Afriyie and his wife. Also present was the Mayor of the Royal Borough and local councillors.

Inspired by the James Bond 50th Anniversary it was a black tie, Bond themed evening held at the Castle Hotel in Windsor. I was asked to say Grace. The room soon grew quiet and following ‘Amen’ received a burst of applause. It was the first time I have heard a grace applauded! So here it is…

The James Bond Grace

Our Father in Heaven, we thank you for the opportunity to enjoy an entertaining evening with friends.

We thank you for Jesus, an agent of change, On His Majesty’s Service, who came to shake and stir up the world.

Showing restraint and forgiveness, he spurned revenge and retribution, to Live And Let Live.

He came to give his life to allow others to Live Another Day.

Fully man, he exercised self control, resisted temptation and offered more than a Quantum of Solace.

Fully God, He guaranteed our Tomorrow Never Dies.

We thank you for those who have made tonight possible, for the food we are about to eat and for those who are serving us.

We ask that you would continue to bless Her Majesty The Queen, our MP and every family represented here, in the name of Jesus Christ.


© Wesley Richards, 2012.


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