New Hillsong church underway in New York City

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I was very exicted to read a Tweet yesterday about Hillsong starting up in The Big Apple.

I love New York – it is a great city. I love Hillsong – they are a great church. It should be a great combination of two iconic ‘brands’ for the Kingdom of God.

For some reason, a few have questioned the need for another church in NYC! There are millions of people who call it home, yet even the largest churches there are in their 1000s. This leaves a huge gap in the ‘market.’ Go for it, I say!

I have written an article for Christian Today on the latest developments.

Hillsong NYC is now underway following the announcement in March, that Hillsong Church, based in Sydney, be starting a church in New York City.

The church, famous for its worship, has congregations in major cities around the world including London, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm, Kiev and Cape Town.

The new church is led by Carl and Laura Lenz and Joel Houston and is the first ever Hillsong Church in the USA. Houston is the world renowned songwriter and worship leader with Hillsong United and the founder of the ‘I-HEART’ movement.

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