The Man Who Saved Colombia

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Eight years ago, Latin America’s oldest democracy was on the brink. The outgoing president explains how he restored the peace to the WSJ.

“In a little more than two months Colombian President Álvaro Uribe will return to civilian life after eight years in office…”

I love this guy.

He is not popular in Washington and was disgracefully heckled on a visit to the EU. What would they know? Where was Obama in 2002?

The locals who have lived under violence from guerillas and drug lords surely know better. I like facts…and true democracy…of which Colombia is Latin America’s oldest.

A poll published in El Tiempo in December showed that 83% of Colombians thought he should be given a chance to run for a third term (the high court struck down a congressional effort to allow that), 68% had a favorable image of Mr. Uribe, and 73% approved of his leadership. It’s hard to think of another politician who has left office with such high marks.

Say no more.

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