Parliament v The People

For the HOC to ‘take back control’ they would need to bring primary legislation – on paper they have the numbers – but this would mean overturning the referendum result. We will soon see if the 20 Remain Tories are willing to do this. It would be explosive if they joined with Labour to do […]

Brexit Thoughts

“Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” Robert Kennedy “There are arguments for remaining in the EU and there are arguments for leaving the EU. But there is no case whatever for giving up the benefits of remaining without obtaining the […]

Brexit and Bremain

As a British investment adviser it is been painful to read US opinions written to clients in their investment newsletters trying to explain the situation, simplistically explaining it as part of a ‘populist movement’ or worse, as a ‘black swan.’ While the timing coincides with the US election, Brexit has little to do with ‘Trumpist’ […]

RBWM Motion – Ofsted Inspection of Churches

By Councillor Richards This Council expresses concern that Ofsted will be given new powers to inspect church premises to assess whether teaching in an out-of-school setting complies with British values and urges a review of this policy. My Speech I am bringing this motion firstly as a council Member with a conservative political philosophy. I […]

Why I will Vote Leave…

As requested by quite a few friends… Firstly I believe it is only a Christian faith which can transform individual hearts and change societies and not politics or institutions. This is where the real work lies. The church is broken right now but has risen before… The one reason I will vote Leave…Sovereignty. I simply […]

RBWM Motion – Supporting Syrian Refugees

*Please note the crucial difference between a refugee and migrant. Read more here. QUESTION: Could the leader of the Council set out what steps he is taking to welcome refugees from the current Syria crisis to the RBWM as part of the government’s effort to accept more refugees. MOTION: This council: i. supports the Prime […]

Bank Holiday at the RAH

Over the bank holiday weekend, The Royal Albert Hall was sold out for two whole days for the Leadership Conference 2014, hosted by the nation’s largest Anglican church, Holy Trinity Brompton or HTB. The overflow venue at HTB church was also filled to capacity. The event was streamed live online for those who couldn’t get a […]

An ‘Odd Position’

In an article about capital punishment in The Economist, the writer noted: many conservative evangelicals have ended up in the odd position of prizing life when it comes to abortion, but not when it comes to prisoners (the Catholic church is pro-life on both counts). I found this an odd thing to say. Given a choice between life […]

Skyfall, Glencoe

Wow. As the Scottish Highland scene began, I was glad I did not wait for the DVD before seeing the latest Bond movie. On an anniversary date, my wife and I decided right away that we would have to take our sons there. Breathtaking. The National Trust for Scotland rightly expects visitor numbers to increase and […]

Western Cape Protests

It was a shock to hear that large numbers of protesters had descended on the farming town of Robertson in South Africa.  Road blocks were set up with burning tyres, mobs armed with pangas and machetes marched on farms intimidating the workers into protesting against their employers. The reason? A demand for higher wages. Why […]